Windows 7 Action Center

Microsoft decided to add a helpful though not fully robust program called “Action Center” to assist users with computer issues.

To get to the Action Center, click on the “Start” button which is the Windows symbol in the lower left of your monitor.
In the “Search Programs and Files” box immediately above the Start button type in “Action Center” without the quotes. Now select “ACtion Center” from the list on the pop up window, it will be at the top, under the heading “Control Center”

After a moment the Action Center opens up. Listed here will be any known and possible some unknown issues with Windows 7.

If there is a YELLOW section block, you can “View Message Details” or maybe “Check for Solutions” is an option. If you check for solutions, the program naturally goes to Microsoft for the solution, not the hardware or software vendor.

This process may take a while, but could be worth it. Sometime Microsoft request more information, feel free to select the “Send Information” button. Once the checkup is complete, you will be notified.

If Microsoft thinks it has a resolution but is not sure of one specific one or even sure of its fix you will be taken to a window with several choices or with a “how to” for resolving the issue(s). Feel free to follow the steps, they are setup in plain, non-geek terms and are easy to follow.

If the issue or issues could not be automatically fixed, you now have an idea of what could be wrong with your computer. You simply need to go to the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware or software that was listed, then search for patches and updates that might solve unknown or known problems on your computer.

Now if you only could choose “View Message Details” (as in my example above) go ahead and do so, for me, each time Microsoft has found the issue was not them but the other guys fault, ok, I can accept that, simply click on the link provided by Microsoft. In my case it took me to a page in ESETs web site about uninstalling and reinstalling ESET, not a patch.

Back at the window that showed the problem, you will need to click on the “ok” button in the bottom right of the page to close it. Continue on with each issue listed.

Once you have completed this you can look on the left hand side of the Action Center window and select the text “Change Action Center Settings” (look for it on the first image above). Here you can select of de-select what warning appear with a flag.


Well, that is enough fun for now, Over the next few colums I will try to cover more of the Windows 7 built in features that help resolve computer issues, until then, have a virus free week!

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