ViewPad 10 finial review

Howdy one and all and welcome back to anther exciting and fun filled The Weekly Geek adventure!

I just wanted to finish my review of the ViewPad 10, dual booting tablet. In the first review I went over the features of the Android OS, in Part 2 I discussed the Windows 7 OS on the tablet, here I want to discuss the hardware and physical use of the unit.

As a reminder, I am not a ludite, I love technology! However when a 12 year old says “hate it” have to say, maybe this is not the dream product it appears to be.

When this was first released, we were promised accessories, to date, none have appeared. Now before you Google for accessories, read what you find, they are NOT for this model and the products that cover to help keep the divice safe do not have holes that align with the buttons and connections on the ViewPad 10.

Speaking of buttons, OMGoodness, really?!?! Three buttons to rule them all, three buttons to run it all, three buttons and that is all! If you purchase this device, plan of having lots of “oops”, and “oh man”, and the often “that’s not what I wanted you to do!” Give me, and my test users a break, three buttons, what a joke.

The card reader did format in Windows, still does not in Android, most likely not a hardware issue. No way to protect the tablet from bumps and scrapes, and three buttons.

SAVE YOUR MONEY  or buy this one from me!

Until we meet again, have a virus (and a ViewPad 10) free week!

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