ViewSonic ViewPad 10, Windows 7 review

As you have noticed it has been a long time since my last article on the ViewPad. Six weeks to be exact. I really have been trying to give the ViewPad tablet a real chance.

This part of the review is based on the Windows 7 Professional boot. For my review of the Android OS part, check out my article here.

I have created a couple of users and added a password on one and no password on the other. Below you will see my feelings on typing in the password, just know for now I am using the passwordless user.

I also attempted to install a couple of business programs (Dentrix dental software and Microsoft’s RMS). Both software packages failed, due to resolution (1280×600 is the only choice). Attempting to install MS Office 2010 I ran out of storage space, this really has not been a fun adventure.

Next I spent time surfing the web, you know since it is an internet media device I figured, why not. Yeah! Just try to enter usernames and passwords with the onscreen keypad that takes up 1/5 of the screen. It covers the area you want to type into. If you move the on screen keyboard to where you can see to log on to say, Juno, Yahoo, LogMeIn, Remote Desktop Connection, then the keyboard is partially off the screen. As Charlie Brown would say “oh brother”.

So using it for business programs is out, installing Office is out, trying to log onto web sites with passwords is a pain. What about once you get logged on? Well I asked my 12 year old to go to and do some math training and testing. The videos worked just great, but when she was trying to solve the math problems, the screen was just too small, she was just getting frustrated scrolling left then right then up and back down again.

The final issue is that Windows 7 SP-1 won’t install. Microsoft has a way to tell if you are on wall power or battery and won’t allow such a big file to install. Alright, just plug into the wall, correct? NOT! Same message. Well, I’s the Geek so you don’t have to be, right!? So I go in and blow out the update and try again, no such luck. Again I go in and try our standard tweaks and fixes that “always” solve a Windows update problem, again the only thing I accomplished was wasting another hour and a half of my life.

Well, next I hope to review the hardware on this device, and maybe its ability to handle shock, say from a tall building or from a moving automobile off a bridge, until then, have a virus free week!

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