A little Intel education – warranties

As an owner of IFix Computers I am occasionally asked why we sell the specific brands that we sell, in response I would like to provide this overview of Intel and why we only use them.

Intel provides chipsets, motherboards and processors (CPUs). Chipsets can be on motherboards made by someone other than Intel.

At IFix Computers (www.ifixcomp.com) we only sell Intel motherboards and processors in our new computers.

Intel produces three types of their products:
1. Bulk – Bulk products must be bought in lots of 1000. They have no warranty from Intel at all, the
Reseller/ distributor provides whatever warranty service they choose to. These are used by large companies such as Dell. Processors do not include the cooling fan or any damage caused by failure of the cooling fan.
2. OEM – These are designed as a more economical part for people who build computers to
order. They have a 30 day “no questions” warranty from Intel and a year of “If you can prove it’s
our fault” warranty from Intel. They do not include the cooling fan.
3. Retail Box – These have a one year instant exchange warranty from Intel, with an additional two
years (for a total of three years) of “if it’s our fault” warranty. in the case of processors, Intel provides all
of the cooling heat sink and fan parts, and fan failure and damage due to fan failure is warranted.

IFix Computers only sells retail box products!
• As a Certified Intel IPD We are required to offer only the full value product, and to be available to service the product for the full 3 years of the warranty. This will include the Processor, Motherboard, Network Card, and any other Intel components.

Why should you buy from an Intel IPD?
Choose a Trusted Expert in your Industry.
• Intel® Channel Partner Members are local experts bringing the latest Intel technology into your home or office. When you work with an IPD you get more than affordable, high-performing, reliable technology solutions.
• You also get the expertise in your industry to ensure that the technology you invest in is built for what matters most to you and your business.
• Get peace of mind: IPD Members’ close relationship with Intel allows for access to the latest technologies and support from Intel. Members get priority service and access to replacement parts, backed by industry-leading warranties.
• Intel hardware purchased through IPD members include Intel’s Three Year On Site Warranty at no extra charge. IPD members provide 24 hour business day replacement parts through Intel Depot shipment.
• Work with a local expert: IPD Members are technology experts and technical advisors. They are first in line to receive training on the latest Intel® Core™ microarchitecture solutions, so they can put the very latest technology to work to solve your challenges and help you reach your goals.
• Get personalized service: Members are located where you are, so service and personal, on-site consulting are close by when you need it.

A little about monitor warranties: From the first release of LCD Flat Panel Monitors, there have been two major failure points, the LCD Screen itself, and the backlight. Both of these parts have a cost of around $200.00 each.

Most failures occur in year two of ownership. The failure rates are quite high, around 10% in quality units and nearly 50% in cheap junk. It is very common to see a screen marked “3 year warranty*”. What this means is that they guarantee their parts for three years, but can charge you ANYTHING they want to for labor…often more than the unit cost new.
IFix Computers only sells full three year warranty LCD Screens, both parts and labor.

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