Wireless N Standard

Over the last month I have been working on an article about Wireless N. My last article on this subject was in October 2007.

My problem is that I start getting too geeky, even for me so I stop and come back to it later only to trash it and start over and then get too geeky again.

Here is my brief synopsis. You can now buy Wireless N, but please stick with same brand products (and same “series” if at all possible).

If your laptop has built in “N” then don’t worry about same brand product there.
If you have previous “N” products they may or may not work. Draft 2.0″ is supposed to be 100% compatible, it is not in my experience however it still might work.

If you can, make everything “N”, the speed is much better than if shared with “B” and “G” devices. If you have “B” devices they need to be replaced anyway.

Configure the router, don’t know how? Check out the forums for the brand you bought or hire a professional company, it will make a difference. Contact IFix Computers at 417-337-7184.

I use SonicWall devices and they even speed up “G” devices. My laptop claims 80 to 120mbps when connected to either SonicWall device I have in use, even though the “G” standard is 54. Hmmm truthful on the part of the device or SonicWall, I don’t know, just reporting the results.

“B” Devices = 11 mbps, “G” and “A” devices = 54 mbps, “N” devices = 270 mbps these are under “perfect” conditions which really never happens. Think of mbps as miles per hour.

MIMO = Multiple in – Multiple out so MIMO “G” could be 104 mbps and “N” could be 540 mbps (or higher with 3 or 4 connections between devices.

Wireless still sucks in Branson because there are so many competing devices such as microphones, cameras, lights, cell phones, microwaves (big and small), mirrors, steel construction … you get the idea.

Well, there you have it, take it and run or my preference, run cable, still the most reliable for networking.

Have a virus free week!

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