Backing up Microsoft Outlook

As I and many other technical writers have coverd, backing up is essential.

Today let’s go over backing up your information that is in Microsoft Outlook.

Basically all you do is open Outlook and go to File | Import/Export.

Then new menu that appears allows you to Export to a File and then select Next.

On the next screen choose Personal Folder File (.pst) and then select Next again.

The new page will allow you to select what part of your email to backup, select Personal Folders and make sure that there is a check mark next to Include Subfolders and once again choose Next.

On the next window select Browse and navigate to where you want to backup such as a thumb drive, another computer on the network or an external hard drive.

Now select a name for the backup (located at the bottom of the window) and then select OK.

Once there double check your Options and then select Finish.

You will have another window appear that will allow you to password protect the file if you desire, after making your decision select OK.

Yet another window will appear and when the backup is complete you will be back at the normal Outlook screen where you read your email.

That is all there is to backing up your Outlook data.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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