Internet Preditors

Howdy one and all and welcome back to another fun and exciting adventure of The Weekly Geek!

In this weeks episode I want to reiterate the dangers of the internet. Senator Foley aside (watch out for blaming this on a political party) my counterparts in this industry and I have been preaching the dangers of the internet, for anyone naive (and that includes us all). Countless women, young ladies, male and female children have been victims of internet indecency. I have no doubt that many adult men have too however that seems to have been white washed over.
This summer I wrote a short article on blogging and intended to write more however life took over and what seems like a thousand other articles appeared shortly before and after I wrote mine.

Moms and Dad’s, just because you are in the same house or even the same room does not mean that you are protecting your children from internet dangers! Besides rouge web sites and ads that place pornographic pictures, pop-ups and graphic sexual content on your screen for your seven year old daughter to see many of these same perpetrators want to have sex with and then kill your children! No-one else may have the gumption to say this however that makes it no less true.

Many people want to rape and kill your sons and daughters and are ACTIVLY seeking out ways to do it. Today in America and believe it or not on our planet we are at the height of Babylon. For some it has never been “better” yet we work two jobs and or have both spouses (or should I say “bed partners” to be politically correct) working and in all honesty the only nanny our children have is electronics which consist of violent games, violent, sexually and disrespectful television shows and the graphically sexual internet.

Parents, it is time we put ourselves aside, remembering we are to be servant leaders in our homes, not run over by our children but not ignoring them. It has been said that Generation X was afraid of their parents and is now afraid of their children. Well, stop it!

Now on to my point or in this case points.
Rule #1: You are not God so submit to each other in helpful ways.
Rule #2: Protect your children.
Rule #3: Protect yourself.

With computers the easiest way to do this is to follow these steps.

  • Get an up to date antivirus program and keep it up to date. Click here for an article.
  • Get a hardware firewall and configure it. Click here for some great advice.
  • Get a software firewall (Like Zone Alarm Pro or Outpost) and read its warnings.
  • Get an anti-malware / Spyware program that runs in the background and keep it up to date.
  • Get a cookie watching program.
  • Get an Internet watching program and take the time to configure it.
  • Heed all warning from the above software.
  • Finally, answer this question. Before you visit that site, click on that e-mail or enter your credit card number would you want your mother, pastor and Jesus in the room sitting next to you? BTW – Jesus is sitting next to you!

In the face of I have been viewing, reading on and checking out several internet watching programs. So far my favorite is Net Nanny. There are several reviews out there so I’ll dispense with my usual rhetoric and review and just link you to them.

Well, that is all of the lecturing for this week. I hope I have not offended too many and have given you sound advice you will follow.

Until we meet again have a virus free week!