PC World’s 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time!

Howdy one and all and welcome back to another exciting edition of The Weekly Geek!

This week I had the privilege of reading the almost perfect article, PC World’s The 25 Worst Tech Products of all Time. Well, I couldn’t agree more especially with…

1. AOL (Or in real terms AO Hell) – I was an original subscriber when you paid by the minute, That Christmas they released the $19.95 for Unlimited Access I could not get on. After a few calls and “we are sorry, we oversold our product, all you have to do is wait in line” answer I dropped that hockey puck.

2. Real Networks Real Pain (Real Player) – to thousands of you I need say no more.

4. Windows ME – I never had a problem with it as long as you never connected to a network or high-speed internet or upgraded the video drivers or…

6. Disney’s Lion King CD-ROM – My son still complains about that Christmas.

8. Internet Explorer 6 – Match this when Spyware, Malware and other security “stuff” started springing up and you will get the picture.

10. Dbase IV – Now, I might disagree here, in all honesty I used this to create (not by myself) NASA’s MSIS (Man System Integration Standards) Documentation. Six volumes of your taxpayer money at work. I had no issues here.

13. IBM PC Jr. – Hey, I had one of these until 2003, of course it lasted so long because it only would run the original “Duke Nukem” blocked blonde Duke and all.

15. Iomega ZIP drives – Here again I never lost any data but I have had several of the external drives die in a matter of seconds, one second it works the next it was dead and of course always 14 to 18 months old. As a matter of fact I still have one that I use as an example in the classes I teach.

16. Comet Cursor – The “original” spyware and “clog up your system” program. I cannot tell you how many people got mad at me for removing their “cursors” even after I explained the reason.

18. IBM Deskstar (aka Deathstar) – The reason tens of thousands left IBM and the reason to this day I do not use IBM hard drives (the motherboard fiasco of 1999-2000 is another tale of horror).

20. CueCat – Come on, did anyone ever use this, a way to get more ads, oh yes that is what I want!

23. Free PCs – Once again, did no one read the fine print, fortunately none of my customers has ever admitted owning one of these to me.

Well, that is enough for now, go ahead and visit the original article, until we meet again have a virus free week!