Virtual Memory Part 4

Well, a great big howdy to one and all. Welcome back to another exciting adventure of The Weekly Geek!

In our last episode we helped the dynamic duo escape the evil clutches of the Joker by using their Bat Computer and setting up proper Virtual Memory (VM) settings for Windows XP. Unfortunately in this week’s episode we turn our gaze to the racing circuit and see that the Mach 5, driven by the invincible Speed Racer, is using an older computer system. He is relying on Windows 98 for his win in the big race of life. Fear not Speedy for your friend The Weekly Geek with a little help from Trixie will enhance the performance of the Mach 5 and any computer running Windows 95, 98 or ME.

To manually set the VM in Windows 98 (95 and ME are very similar) we need to close all open programs and be at the desktop. That is the screen that shows when you first turn on your computer and it is ready to use.

  • Now, right-click one time on “My Computer”.
  • Then left-click one time on “Properties” this will bring up the “System Properties” page.
  • Just like with Windows XP there are several tabs across the top of this page, we need to go to the “Performance” tab. It is located on the far left.
  • The “Performance” window shows you a little bit of information. If you forgot to write down the amount of RAM your system has you can see how much you have by looking for “Memory”.
  • Once you have the memory amount click on the “Virtual Memory” button located in the lower right hand corner of the window.

A new window will appear labeled “Virtual Memory” the biggest chance is that you will see a radio box selected that is labeled “Let Windows manage my virtual memory …” Well “recommended” or not, we know what is best for our computers don’t we?

Together we will click on “Let me specify my own virtual memory settings”.

The “Hard Disk” section lets you know how much hard drive space is available.

  • We are going to select the “Minimum” area and in here you can highlight the “0” (Zero) and change it or use the up and down arrows to change the value.

We are going to set the value of our Memory.

  • Set the value to double your RAM with a MAXIMUM of 1024.
  • Repeat and enter the same amount under “Maximum”. Select “OK”.
  • You will be given a warning by Microsoft. Ignore it and simply click “Yes”.
  • You should now be at the “System Properties” box. Click on “Close”.
  • A new box appears stating that the computer needs to be restarted, select “Yes” and let the computer reboot.

Well, that is all there is to it. Whether you have Windows XP or 98 you have easily performed a simple yet effect “tweak” that will “optimize” your computer.

Until we meet again, have a speedy and virus free week!